Where Were “Europe’s” Figureheads In The 80’s?

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A new media offensive has been launched against Golden Dawn’s leader N.G. Michaloliakos, utilizing photographs from 30 years ago to try and imply that this is relevant today. The only recent “swastika picture” released was of Elias Kasidiaris in 2012, which has been proven to be completely fake.  

While these pictures have gotten non-stop play in the press of the Samaras-Venizelos junta, the very disturbing pasts of some of the European Union’s elite are never mentioned. Below are only a few examples of many:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: Political Commissar In the East German Communist Party


According to historian Ralf Georg Reuth’s book “The First Life of Angela M.”, the most powerful person in the European Union held a leadership position in charge of agitation and propaganda in the Communist Youth League of the horrific East German regime since 1981. As a high-ranking and trusted party member, she was…

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