Ilias Kasidiaris interview with Greek Newspaper: «In the end, we will be victorious!»

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The house of parliament has become a den of theives and political corruption… and the only voice that scares the thieves and the corrupted ones is our voice.

Golden Dawn New York has translated an interview published in the mainstream Greek newspaper «Παρόν»  («Present») where reporter Makis Kouris interviewed the spokesman of Golden Dawn Ilias Kasidiaris.

Despite the underhanded questions, Mr. Kasidiaris presented the truth and exposed the conspiracy of Samaras and Venizelos

This is that interview:

All these months you and your leader have been in prison, have you ever thought about the provocations you have made towards citizens for the weapons you were carrying, the evidence the authorities used to press charges against you?

Kasidiaris: There is no legislation that can prosecute someone for having «provocative behavior» nor for being photographed having a licensed rifle with a permit. The two prosecuting  judges who pressed charges against us are the puppets…

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