The Evros River Fence, Samaras and the Golden Dawn. article by Nikolaos Michaloliakos

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How it is possible that in every election period Antonis Samaras suddenly remembers the illegal immigrants? What lies behind this kind of attitude? Maybe it is repentance for the deeds during his days in power ? Or is it perhaps the hundreds of thousands of Golden Dawn voters? 

In previous election periods there were some members of the New Democracy party who were going to newspapers and making statements for the release of George Papadopoulos and other officers. Of course, the whole issue was forgotten about after the elections. It is the same thing though with New Democracy and Samaras only this time the theme is the illegal immigrants.

Who can forget the previous election period during which Samaras was making fiery speeches and statements that he would regain all the occupied cities and neighborhoods from the illegals and give them back to Greeks? When the elections were over and Samaras was in power…

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