The Samaras Junta’s Latest Coup: They Aren’t Allowing Comrade Nikos Michos to Exercise His Right to Vote!

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The Samaras-Venizelos forces even now, at the last moment are still trying to cut Golden Dawn votes.

After 18 months of political persecution, unlawful imprisonments, and unconstitutional bans, the Junta of Samaras has gone so far as to prohibit an elected Member of Parliament and candidate of the forthcoming elections to exercise his right to vote.

More specifically, this relates to Evia candidate for parliament, comrade Nikos Michos, who is under house arrest by order of the para-judicial clique of Athanasiou, which has prohibited his transit to his place of origin, resulting in him not being able to vote.

Whatever schemes they hatch, whatever unconstitutional anomaly they can design, on the night of January 25th, Golden Dawn will come out the big winner of the elections.

Comrade Nikos Michos issued the following statement in regards to the latest unconstitutional ban:

«Our struggle for justice doesn’t end here. It begins now.»

Nikos Michos

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