On Virtue – Interview with political prisoner Ilias Kasidiaris in Panusis.blogspot.gr

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The spokesman of the Golden Dawn, fellow fighter Ilias Kasidiaris gave an interview to panusis.blogspot.gr
The political prisoner Ilias Kasidiaris gave me the honor of an interview on all matters, from the cells of Korydallos prison. Today that we are going through «phase B» of the plan for replacing the Greek people with slavic-african-asiatic masses and for the complete extinction of Hellenism from the scene of History, the voice of some brave who resist is of great importance. And we Greeks that still feel the heavy “brazen hand of fear” onto us, it is good to remember that also in the past the arrows of our enemies were so many that it blocked the sun but this meant nothing more than that we would fight under shade…
Tyrants and traitors are not overthrown by people sitting in their houses, mourning their fate, but by people who are out in the…

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